The Changing Face of Real Estate:
What Disrupting Forces Should You Expect?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Sam Freshman 
Board Chairman
Standard Management Company
Chairman Emeritus, Stanford Professionals in Real Estate
As Featured in Think Realty
Sam Freshman
Board Chairman
Standard Management Company
Chairman Emeritus, Stanford Professionals in Real Estate
As Featured in Think Realty
Alan D. Levy
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Tishman International Companies
Huntington D. Lambert
Keynote Speaker
Dean, Division of Continuing Education and University Extension
Harvard University
Mariam Kamshad
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs
Mark Wittcoff
Managing Director
Investor Relations
Standard Management Company
Scott Thurman
Senior Managing Director /
Chief Underwriter
Dr. Peter Marber
Aperture Investors LLC
Michael Koss
Koss Real Estate Investments
Teo Philippe Nicolais
President, Nicolais, LLC
Instructor, Harvard University
Alexander Radosevic
Founder and President
Canon Business Properties
Bryan Copley
CEO/Co-Founder, CityBldr
#1 on Forbes’ List of A.I. Companies Transforming CRE
Brian A. Shirken
Co-Founder and Principal
Columbus Pacific
Fred Hameetman
The American Group
David Kleiman
President & Co-Founder
D2 Realty Services
George Ratiu
Housing & Commercial Research at the National Association of REALTORS® in Washington, D.C.
Jeff Birdwell
President, Commercial Development Division
Sares Regis Group of Northern California
Gary Banner
Sr. Market Analyst
TRU Development
Darell Krasnoff
Founding Member
Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC
Eric S. Bright
Managing Director
Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC
Linda Koffman
Gipson Hoffman & Pancione
Samson Lov
Alan Rothenberg
Founder and Market Chairman
1st Century Bank
Sunny Han-Jeon
Senior Vice President, Regional Manager
First Choice Bank
Ann Olson
CPA, Partner
David Farnsworth
EVP, Chief Credit Officer
Citizens Business Bank
George Koo
CEO/Chief Investment Officer
Clearmark Partners
Gregory W. Econn
Co-President & Managing Director
Venbrook Insurance Services
Jacqueline Valouch
Director, Head of Philanthropy
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
Anthony D. Scotti
Director, Private Banker
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
Cheryl Paller
Managing Director
U.S. Trust
Paul Donaldson
Executive Vice President
Nano Banc
Marc Doss
Regional Chief Investment Officer
Wells Fargo Private Bank
William Schumann
Acquisitions Analyst
Standard Management
Steven Mattus
Managing Director, Head, Global Products & Solutions‒Americas
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
Elizabeth Tulasi
Chief Operating Officer
LA County Business Federation
Michael B. Cohen
Vice President, Advisory Services
CoStar Group
Peter Heilbron
Senior Vice President & Senior Investment Officer
Northern Trust – Los Angeles Region
Philip Cohen
President and Founder
Mansfield Equities Inc.
Henry Elder
Digital Asset Advisors
Nesh Sekulic
General Manager
Hornburg Jaguar & Land Rover

What to Expect in the Coming Year

Prepare Now for the Next Inevitable CRE Recession • We are Due for an Economic Turn Down.   When Will it Happen?  (Don’t Ask) • How A.I. Will Play an Increasing Role in CRE • What Skills Are Necessary in Today’s Market and About Educational Opportunities to Keep Learning?  • Finding the Next Reno – What to Buy and Where are the Under the Radar Markets • Continuing Inflation and its Effect on Real Estate Returns • HUD – Attractive Multi-Family Financing Option • The Trend Toward Equity vs Debt and Why • Bitcoin and CRE – What Will it Disrupt? • Opportunity Zones, Affordable Housing, and Other Government Created Opportunities for High Returns • Updates on Casualty and Liability Insurance That Will Save You Money? • Syndication and Trust – What States are Best for Tax Protection and Privacy • Fix and Flip vs Buy and Hold • Raising Equity vs Debt.  Is There a Good Time to Switch from Debt to Equity? • MHP, Nursing Homes, RV Parks, Government Programs and How to Survive Current Low Cap Rates • California CRE Icons Panel – How They Made It and Their Outlook for the Coming Year • Superior Networking as Usual!